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  • What is the starter pack?
    The starter pack is designed for any business to switch to experience with minimal disruption to your current day to day work.
  • My AUM is less than 50 million. Can I still use
    Definitely, you can use it. has been designed to be scalable. Your fixed costs are extremely low to start with.
  • What are the AI / ML features of
    The AI / ML features of are: Client Risk Profiling Markowitz Portfolio Model Implementation ML Based Rebalancing Algorithms
  • What are the Security Features of
    Listed below are the security features: All Logins are 2FA and as per MAS guidelines. All the Servers run behind firewalls and have IP whitelisting. All the Rest APIs and Servers run on 256 bit SSL/TLS Secure Security Certificates.
  • Is Really T+1 Basis?
    Yes!! If you are inputting the transactions into using the blotter it will be T+1 basis.
  • What are all the methods for Inputting Transactions?
    The methods for Inputting Transactions are: Blotter Document Upload Excel Upload Term sheet Upload
  • Where is my Data Stored?
    Your data is stored in Singapore with AWS, locally.
  • What Products are processed by
    The products processed are: Traditional Products (Bonds, Equity FX, Commodity, ETF, Mutual Funds) full coverage Structured Products – Full Investment Cycle Covered Real Estate, Pricing and Risk included in PMS Private Equity Pricing, Risk and hedging included in PMS Crypto Extension Arts and Wine
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