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Generative  Analytics for Wealth Management

• Bank Integrations • Portfolio Manager • Structured Products Work Bench • Aggregation • Client Balance Sheet • Blotter • ML Enabled Data Lake • Data Scrap
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What we do?

12logo.png is a cloud that wealth managers can use to manage their business. We organise data on personal wealth so that our customers have a unified view of all their wealth across all investments. Even if you are an existing wealth manager or someone starting out, can help you scale your business by offering features out of the box like Portfolio Management,

Risk Management, Client Reporting, Trade Input as a single solution. Analytics offers clients the ability to incorporate AI/ML easily into their business models.


We allow search capabilities on documents stored in Cloud, that will allow for easier search of documents relating to your portfolio.

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Real Time Analytics

All our analytics are on a 

T+1 basis. With Ethan you can keep your portfolio data updated to latest trades and

get meaningful Analytics

on a T+1 basis. 

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 Data Refinery

When the investments are spread across regions and across asset classes and in both digital and Paper formats, your data needs to be aggregated, refined and organised so that the analytics can help you make better decisions faster.

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Risk Management 

Intuitive and easy risk management tools that simplify the process of risk management. We use alerts, data classification and tagging to make the math of the risk management easy to use and track for decision making.




Assets classes



Assets managed on platform

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