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Technology for Modern AI Driven Wealth Management

Consolidation  •'  360 Degrees view • Portfolio Insights & Analytics & Risk Management • ML Enabled Financial Data Cloud  • Advisor Management  • WealthGPT
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What we do?


To manage wealth well, wealth managers & HNIs need accurate & consolidated 360 view of the data. is a cloud that wealth managers & HNIs can use to manage their wealth on a holistic basis without the need for multiple uploads and download and massaging data in Excel.

We organise data on personal wealth so that our customers have a unified view of all their wealth across all investments. 


Consolidation, Insights, Analytics, Risk Management, Client Reporting as a single solution.

We allow search capabilities on documents stored in Cloud, that will allow for easier search of documents relating to your portfolio. Analytics offers clients the ability to incorporate AI/ML easily into their business models.

Even if you are an existing wealth manager or someone starting out, can help you scale your business by offering features out of the box like Portfolio Management,

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5 Minute Onboarding

Imagine being able to Onboard and Analyse a new Statement in 5 Minutes. Wealth Managers can onboard a client or a prospect within 5 minutes using our M/L DIY Onboarding Process.

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Data Accuracy

Our Data Cleaning Ottobots are little ML driven programs that are constantly cleaning your data and keeping it above 99% accurate so that you can trust the data for decision making

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GPT Based Analytics

In the age of Large Language Models why will you not be able to Talk To Your Data & Documents. Out WealthGPT is under development to be launched in Q2 2024. Join us for Early Bird Discounts. 




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