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AI-Driven Wealth Management, Made Simple for Everyone

Unlock a complete financial picture with 360° views, deep AI insights, and WealthGPT for superior advisor control.
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What we do?


For wealth managers and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), having a clear and complete view of financial data is essential for wealth management. Ethan AI offers a powerful cloud solution that consolidates all your data, regardless of asset type or location.

Our platform leverages AI and Machine Learning to reveal valuable insights hidden within your data, helping you make better decisions and enhance your wealth management strategies.

Ethan AI also streamlines your workflow with one-click report generation, enabling you to produce professional reports in seconds. Additionally, our platform provides secure and user-friendly document storage.

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5-Minute Onboarding: 

Ethan AI makes onboarding new clients a breeze with our DIY process powered by machine learning. Get clients set up in record time, boosting your efficiency and productivity so you can focus on what really matters.

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Data Accuracy

Our Data Cleaning Ottobots are like little digital helpers, always at work to keep your data spotless. They ensure your data’s accuracy quality is top-notch, far exceeding industry standards, so you can make decisions with confidence.

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Generative AI

Meet Ethan AI's WealthGPT, your new conversational partner for managing wealth. Chat with your data and discover insights effortlessly. Welcome to the future of wealth management – easy and enlightening.

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Goal Planning made easy

Ethan’s goal planning system seamlessly connects your investments to your goals. Track your progress with clear visuals and personalized updates, turning your financial aspirations into reality, step by step.




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